I discovered on Monday that my estranged brother Mark had passed away.  He was 55.  Mark was born on September 1, 1964.  He was the 3rd living son of my parents.  My parents lost a child named Dwight, apparently he never left the hospital.  I was the youngest child, being the fourth born.

I learned that he lived just 30 minutes north of me in a town called Debary.  It’s all quite a shame to me.  I haden’t spoken to my brother in 20 years or so.  The last time I saw him, he needed a place to crash and he slept in my second bedroom for a month or so.  He left on good terms and I never heard from him again.  That was kinda the way that our relationship was.  No gratitude, no closeness.  I never held anything against him, but never really made an attempt to contact him at all.  In the grand sceme of things, he is probably at peace now.

He left no will or instructions, and unfortunately I will be forced to deal will my alcoholic brother Kenny who lives in Tennessee.  The length of the probate will last about 4 to 6 months.  Arg.

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