Being hard of hearing…

In February of 1978 “Big Rock” band Van Halen released their self titled debut studio album “Van Halen”. Among classic hits like “Runnin with the Devil”, “You Really Got Me” and “Jamie’s Cryin”, there was included in the tracks a gem of a guitar solo “Eruption”

Van Halen 1978

“Eruption” is an instrumental rock guitar solo performed by Eddie Van Halen. It is widely considered one of the greatest guitar solos of all time, having popularized tapping. It segues into “You Really Got Me” on the album Van Halen, and the two songs are usually played together by radio stations. The song was also released as the b-side to the “Runnin’ with the Devil” single.

Advent Graduate Speakers

Back in February of 1978 I was in 5th grade at Audubon Park Elementary in Orlando, Florida. At that time I used to play music from a stack system purchased at Robinson’s department store in the Fashion Square Mall. Complete with glass door and less than worthy speakers until I upgraded to a pair of Advent Graduate speakers for my very functional Hi-Fi system.

It was many a night I would lay down on the floor of my bedroom and place each speaker against my ears and blast Van Halen into my soul and the highest volume. Eruption was a favorite as well as the other hits on this now classic album. Later in life, my youthful indiscretions would come back to haunt me. I have since become a bit hard of hearing and I honestly believe it is due to the nightly rock blasts directly into the ears as well as the ritual attendance to Rock Super Bowl concerts at the Tangerine Bowl in my hometown.

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