YOTE Chicken Wings

Years of Trail and Error. I love chicken wings, in particular I love buffalo wings. I have been working on my chicken wing recipe for about 25 years. I have culled inspiration from the likes of Alton Brown, Interstate BBQ in Memphis, Bubbalou’s Bodacious BBQ in Central Florida, and Food Network. My process, sauce, seasonings, preparation and blue cheese dipping sauce are brought together after many years of taking an inspiring recipe and working on it for the home kitchen with common ingredients.

The first undertaking was the sauce. Once I had the correct mix of ingredients, I made very little changes. The Process of the cook is what has changed many times over the years and I settled for a twice fry method that cannot be matched. I have been told from house guests that my wings are the absolute best they have had and I should open a restaurant with this recipe. That’s all fine and good, but I believe food and in particular taste can be a very subjective thing. Cooking buffalo wings is a fairly simple process but cooking buffalo wings that a vast majority of people that love them, can be a challenge.

Today I publish the soup to nuts procedure for the best chicken wings that you could possibly come up, bar none. What follows are the ingredient lists for the various sauces and seasonings….

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